Fujiwara Co., Ltd. Completed Solar Power Plant in Vietnam and start commercial operation

Fujiwara Binh Dinh Company( Vietnam) which was the local corporation by the 100% investment of Fujiwara (President and CEO OSAMU KIMURA head office 2-18-2, Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Co., Ltd.  completed the construction of the solar power plant (mega solar park) 50MW in Vietnam, Binh Dinh, economic zone . Power Purchase Permit to EVN(TậpđoànĐiện lực Việt Nam) on June 27, 2019  and start commercial operation.
The Solar Plant has an output of  approximately 50MW-dc  capacity, Annual projected power generation is approximately 60,952 MWh / year. Annual power consumption equivalent to about 32,301 typical Vietnamese household.
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Government plans to raise facilities capacity of the Solar power Plant  in 12GW by 2030. Our group company’s efforts in the Vietnam project and become a model case for renewable energy infrastructure business overseas.We will promote similar efforts in other Southeast Asian regions in the future.

In addition, to further expand the use of renewable energy infrastructure projects in Vietnam in the future.

[Plant Details]
・ Country : Socialist Republic of Vietnam
・ Place :  Binh Dinh, Nhon Hoi, Economic Zone
・ Capacity :  Approx. 50MW-dc
・ Annual power generation capacity (estimate)  : Approx. 60,952 MWh / year (for about 32,301 households)
・ Operation start date : June 27, 2019