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Company History

Let us introduce the milestones of Fujiwara’s history from its establishment up to now.

July 1999
Fujiwara Co., Ltd. was established in Fujiwara, Funabashi city to conduct business on water supply facilities, civil engineering, and urban development.
Nov. 2007
Launched the business of importing the construction materials and machineries.
May 2008
Kamagaya branch was set up in Minami-Kamagaya, Kamagaya city.
Mar. 2011
The Energy Business Section was established with the main objective to conduct business on natural energy power generation.
June 2011
Invoved in the mega solar construction in Europe and Asia construction sites and received training.
July 2011
Launched the business on design and production of construction materials (mounts) and machineries for mega solar.
Oct. 2011
Produced the first remodeled electric vehicle in Chiba prefecture and passed the car inspection by Narashino Department of Motor Vehicles.
Aug. 2013
Closed technology partnership contract with LG CNS, Co., Ltd. in Korea for mega solar EPC business.
Oct. 2013
Designed the Japan’s first tea garden solar sharing in Shizuoka prefecture. Received approvals, and the construction has been started. Received patent in Mongolia for the construction method. The patent number 2195.
Jan. 2014
Closed technology partnership contract with a Spanish major module manufacturer for Japan domestic mega solar EPC business.
Jan. 2015

The head office was moved to Minato-ku,
Tokyo from Fujiwara, Funabashi city.

Mar. 2015
Partnered with Cainz 365 Corporation.
Accepted Vietnam Investment
Registration Certificate from Binh Dinh Province.
Accepted Vietnam corporate registration
certificate from Binh Dinh province.Established
FujiSun (PVT) LTD established in Sri Lanka
jointly with Sunteks International.