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Strengths of Fujiwara

We consider the local environment and conditions.

Japanese climate differ totally, area by area. We all know that Hokkaido and Okinawa have totally different hours of daylight and volume of rain and wind.
As you can tell by the name itself, solar power generation provides natural energy, generating electric power with the heat of the sun. It’s positioned as the electric work piece placed outside. This means that the placement of solar equipment is deeply affected by the regional characteristics. We need to take in account these differences such as, if the region gets a lot of snow or a lot of typhoons, and if the soils are hard or soft.
At Fujiwara, we take in account each and every condition of the place for installation to build highly durable systems. Systems maintain working without breaking down in a few decades of purchasing period. Plus, the equipment we provide is highly efficient and robust.

We work based on precise architectural analysis.

At Fujiwara, we don’t hesitate to realize better power generation efficiency by making the mount higher than 2 meters. Making the mount higher creates some risks, but as stated in the above 1, one of our big strength is being able to show the numerical grounds through architectural analysis after thorough examination of the climate and the land(differs in each season, too) of each region.
The industry only has a few concrete power generation data, and trial and error has been repeated, but many customers of Fujiwara are satisfied and happy with our achievements.
Our continuous efforts to provide highly efficient power generation with the cost the business operators can be satisfied with don’t only concern conditions of the climate and the land, but also size, angle and material of the solar panels. Architectural analysis is the field that requires experiences and precision.
There even are the companies specialized in this field only. We comply with the JISC8955, considering recent weather conditions, disasters like earthquakes as added loads to provide thorough analysis, and we are confident about having been providing satisfactory services to our customers based on our analysis.
Structural analysis chart here

You can feel secure with our one-stop service.

From providing consultation, receiving orders, and implementation to checking the power generation status, Fujiwara’s employees will be responding to you. Each employee works everyday with highly professional mind and ambition. Every customer has a different conditions and circumstances, and no two conditions are exactly alike. Every condition is unique and needs “custom” solution, and we, at Fujiwara has been providing solutions for all of them. That’s our achievement.
The number of companies providing this kind of one-stop service is limited. We are confidently providing solutions based on our ample experiences and know-hows with the customer’s perspectives. We are proud of ourselves that only Fujiwara can realize this kind of “wide variety of services”, “robust achievements”, and “flexible responses” for everything.

One stop service


Supporting investment and development of renewable energy in Vietnam

Source: In 2017 conducting basic survey for promoting and introducing of New Energy, etc. (New Energy Division, New Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy) :

1.Background of Vietnam
•In order to attract foreign investments into the renewable energy market, the Government of Vietnam aims to introduce new electricity prices. By 2013, the total wind energy is 6GW, solar energy is 12GW, thermal power is GW
•Since the change of electricity price in 2017, more than 1,000 projects have increased, and there are 200 registered projects currently (about 20 projects are exceeding 30M).

•Mainly focus on local business, such as Thanh Thanh Cong Group (TTC), Thien Thanh Group (TTG) and other large local business.
Among overseas companies, Korean companies (Solar Parks, etc.) are actively developing projects, but in Japan only Fujiwara Co., Ltd. has reached project registration (64MW) .

2.Basic situation in Vietnam
•The development potential of mega solar (utility scale) is 20GW, and the type of roof installation (factories, houses) is 2-5GW.

•The potential in the Danang area is high, and the sunny hours of the year are 1600 – 2700 hours .

•Average solar radiation is 4-5kWh / m2, it is higher than Japan