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Message from President

president 木村 理
We are eager to help you feel “WAKUWAKU”(thrilled with excitement).

This is Osamu Kimura, the representative director of Fujiwara, Co., LTD. I originally desired to further develop industrial solar power generation system (mega solar) for the new age with you, and help advance “energy convergence that’s friendly to the earth” through construction of the plants. These were the very thoughts
that lead me to get in to this business of solar power generation.
It has been four years since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster. Now the deregulation of electric power has been launched, and power storage has become even more important than before. I believe that not too far in the future, even for lifeline, “local production for local consumption” will become a common practice,
and the electric companies will be to fill in gaps.
Yet, currently, the construction costs of mega solar plants in Japan are still quite high. So, we have built a wide network with the overseas partners, so we can conduct direct business with them to realize the reduction in construction costs. As the result, we are proud of being able to provide the industrial solar power system with one of the lowest costs with in Japan.
Also, to address the vision to help local revitalization with the solar power generation business, we have been taking initiatives to engage local people to work on constructions. In collaboration with the local construction companies, we provide technology support and promote exchanges.
Our thoughts are on spreading solar power generation and provide the know-hows to the local community. We are determined to keep attacking challenges and working hard to keep constructing power plants that make our customers thrilled with excitement and happy. Through above initiatives, it is our ambition to grow up together with the farmers and the people in the local communities.