The signing ceremony for Fujiwara Binh Dinh Solar Power Plant’s PPA held on October 24th, 2018

The signing ceremony for Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Vietnam electricity (EVN) and Fujiwara Binh Dinh Co., Ltd was held at EVN’s headquarter in Hanoi in the presence of Mr. Katsuhiko Suzuki from Fujiwara Binh Dinh (right center in the photo), the President Mr. Nguyen Danh Son (left center in the photo), the Vice president Mr. Hoang Le Hung and Mr. Le Khac Hung, and the Director of the Finance division Mr. Hoang Van Hai from EVN EPTC.

Excerpt of the agreement is below

50MW of rated output, expected generation is 74,000,000kWh per year. Grid connection is planned in June 2019.

Based on the renewable energy policy and ultimatum issued by the government, EVN EPTC and Fujiwara Binh Dinh entered into the Agreement as below.

In case it is connected to the grid by June 30th, 2019, power purchase price is 2.086VND/1kWh (0.935USD) applicable for 20 years (According to the 11th written decision in regards to encouragement system for Solar power generation projects in Vietnam issued by the Prime Minister of Vietnam as of April 11th, 2017).

Construction work for 1849.365kW Solar Power Plant in Kamikita, Aomori prefecture commenced in September 2018

Fujiwara’s Solar Power generation project published on the industrial website of Vietnam electricity.

The clean energy project by Renewable energy development strategy was approved until 2030 by the government . VietinBank has made a commitment to finance 12,000,000,000,000 VND(approx. 600 million yen)the above project in pursuit of Renewable energy development strategy’s advancement. According to this strategy, the total solar power production shall increase up to 850MW by 2020, 12,000MW by 2030.

VietinBank is planning to finance solar power generation projects vigorously, e.g. Thanh Cong project (100MW), Ha Do Project (50MW), PECC2 (50MW), Phuoc Huu (50MW), Fujiwara Binh Dinh (50MW), Ninh Phuoc 6.1, 6.2 (100MW), Long Son (200MW). The total amount to be financed in these projects is 12,000,000,000,000 VND(approx. 600 million yen).


Read the full article here (Vietnamese)⇒http://icon.com.vn/vn-s83-144406-640/-VietinBank-cam-ket-cap-tin-dung-12000-ty-dong-cho-cac-du-an-nang-luong-tai-tao.aspx

Sri Lanka Festival 2018

Fujiwara inc sponsored the Sri Lanka Festival held between August 4th (Sat) and August 5th (Sun) in Yoyogi Park. It is the biggest festival in Japan to introduce local Sri Lankan foods, culture, atmosphere in their 14th edition.
Speaking of local foods, it is a great chance to try Sri Lankan hoppers, cutlets and string hoppers.

⇓Official website⇓


Organizer:Sri Lankan Embassy
Provider:FUJIWARA and other

Courtesy visit to the Honorable President Maithripala Sirisena

On July 3rd, 2018 Mr. Osamu Kimura – the representative director of Fujiwara inc has paid a courtesy visit to the Honorable president Maithripala Sirisena. This was the first time Kimura visited the Hon. President. They discussed about the development of renewable energy and agriculture in Sri Lanka. The Hon.President was positively impressed and they agreed on doing a joint project in Sri Lanka near future.

【March 15th, 2018 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries publication】 The period for first conversion of agricultural land has been extended from 3 years to 10 years

Must see for those who are interested in Solar sharing projects!

The first conversion of agricultural land has been extended from 3 years to 10 years 

(※with conditions)

Visit the link below to check the press release from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries dated on May 15th


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has announced 4 best practices of solar sharing power plants.

The 2 out of 4 best practices are Fujiwara inc’s projects.



“Goheyama Nouen”



“OIKOS Tenryuu”


We are eager to work continuously for Japan’s self sufficiency in energy and food.

Ashinuma Solar Sharing power plant (2 sites) in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture


SPC Fujiwara Venus  DC:1593.8kW  AC:1500.0kW

SPC Fujiwara Jupiter  DC:2310.8kW  AC:1990.0kW

The ground breaking ceremony of the Solar Wind project held in Nhon Hoi economic zone, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam on April 3rd, 2018


The ground breaking ceremony was aired through VTV’s nationwide news and Binh Dinh broadcast.

《VTV nationwide news 》



株式会社フジワラさんの投稿 2018年4月24日火曜日


Content of the news is below.

Fujiwara inc had its Solar and Wind power project’s ground breaking ceremony on April 3rd 2018 in Nhon Hoi economic zone, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh. Fujiwara is the 12th company implementing FDI project (foreign direct investment). In addition, the total amount of investment from Japanese FDI has reached one hundred million US dollar.

This project aims to implement a Solar Wind project in 60ha land with a total investment of 7 billion yen (1.4 trillion Vietnam Don). The total capacity is 100MW with the wind project, and it will be connected to the grid by February, 2020. These projects will greatly contribute to the Vietnam’s electricity business.


《Binh Dinh Broadcast》


以下、ニュース内容4月3日ベトナムビンディン省ニョンホイ経済国にて、フジワラビンディン太陽光・風力発電プロジェクトの着工式が行われました。着工式では、共産党中央委員会・ビンディン省書記・人民評議会議長グエン タン トゥン氏、ビンディン省人民委員長ホー クオック ズン氏、ビンディン省人民委員会副委員長グエン フィー ロン氏、ビンディン省常任人民委員会副委員長ファン カオ  タン氏がご出席されました。また、本プロジェクトはビンディン省では初めてとなる大規模太陽光発電プロジェクトとなり、太陽光発電は50MW(2019年完工予定)、風力発電は36MWとなる。本プロジェクトの投資総額は約70億円(1.4億VDN)となり、ベトナム政府はフジワラの太陽光発電及び風力発電所がビンディン省にとって大きなメリットとなり、今後もベトナム政府が全面的に協力すると話された。株式会社フジワラの木村理氏は、ベトナム政府からの支援に感謝の意を表し、また今後ともベトナムの為にエネルギーの供給に貢献するとコメントした。

株式会社フジワラさんの投稿 2018年4月23日月曜日


Content of the news is below.

Fujiwara Binh Dinh Solar Wind project’s ground breaking ceremony held on April 3rd.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung – Member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial Council, Mr. Ho Quoc Dung – Chairman of the Binh Dinh People’s Committee, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long – Vice Chairman of the Binh Dinh People’s Committee,
Mr. Phan Cao Thang – Permanent Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee are participated in the ceremony.

This project capacity is 50MW (expected to be complete in 2019), the capacity of the wind power generation is 36MW, making it the first mega scale solar power generation project.

The total investment amount is approximately 7 billion yen (1.4 trillion Vietnam Don), and the Vietnamese government stated that the government will give full support to the project since they expect the project to bring huge benefit to Binh Dinh province.

Mr. Osamu Kimura- the Representative Director of Fujiwara, expressed his gratitude towards the Vietnamese government and expressed their continuous effort for Vietnam’s energy supply.

Land reclamation work of the 64mW Vietnamese project started on January 18th, 2018




※Photos taken at the project site

Construction company establishment in Vietnam

On 18th December 2017, we received the Certificate of incorporation (construction company) from the Binh Dinh province Department of Planning and Investment.

Company name: Fujiwara Construction co.,ltd

                       Certificate of incorporation

Ryuukakuji solar power plant in Inzai city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Fujiwara’s special purpose company (SPC) gets a loan from Japan Finance Corporation


Fujiwara Jupiter and Fujiwara Venus farming type solar plant


Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) Tokyo branch small and medium sized enterprise department implemented the loan using “farming type photovoltaic (solar) power generation facility” to the two companies, Fujiwara Jupiter and Fujiwara Venus.

The implementation of the farming type power generation requires stricter conditions than usual. In order to achieve these conditions, especially in terms of the facility funds necessary for the implementation of the farming solar power generation, JFC decided to apply “Environmental and energy countermeasures fund” and carry out loans.

Mega Solar Project was published on The Daily NNA Vietnam

Fujiwara inc invested 64 million USD (720 million yen) to the 64 MW generating power plant in the Nhon Hoi economic zone. Its yearly electric generation capacity is 117 GWh and it will provide electricity for 55,420 families.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Japan’s solar power generation capacity is 42.8GW, which is the second in the world. But Mr. Suzuki points the reasons they decided to invest in Vietnam below:

・Daylight hours in Vietnam are long

・Difficulty to connect new solar power generation plants to power grids in Japan

On the other hand, there is uncertainty about the loans from Japanese banks, because there are no government guarantees from Vietnam for mega solar projects. Mr. Suzuki mentions that this project may not bring a big profit, but it is important to be a top runner in the field.

To read the full article (PDF) ⇒NNA_IC_171102

Meet Japan 2017 “South Central Region” in Vietnam

Fujiwara received the investment certificate from People’s Committee of Binh Dinh.


※Left in the photo: Representative Director of Fujiwara Binh Dinh Osamu Kimura

Article URL: http://www.baotainguyenmoitruong.vn/kinh-te/201710/nhat-ban-day-manh-hoat-dong-tim-kiem-dau-tu-tai-khu-vuc-nam-trung-bo-2850668/index.htmt 2017.10.8 10:20

Carrying out the survey in Vietnam

※Photos were taken in Nhon Hoi solar power generation plant on September 26th, 2017

BOI registration

On 8th September 2017, FujiSun (PVT) Ltd was certified (accredited) as an investment holding company accordance with the BOI law.

  Approval notification (1)     Approval notification (2)


Company establishment in Sri Lanka

In order to start a solar power generation business in Sri Lanka, FujiSun (PVT) Ltd is co-founded by Fujiwara and Sunteks International.

Company name: FUJISUN (PVT) LTD


Certificate of incorporation

Seto solar power plant in Inzai city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Company establishment in Vietnam

On 13th July 2017, Fujiwara received the Certificate of incorporation from the Binh Dinh province Department of Planning and Investment.

Company name: Fujiwara Binh Dinh

                             Certificate of incorporation

Fujiwara’s solar and wind power generation projects were introduced on the local TV station of the Binh Dinh province

On July 13th 2017, the meeting on the solar power generation and wind power generation with the central committee of the Communist party was held.

The content of the meeting is written below.

Fujiwara Binh Dinh Limited Company showed its gratitude to Mr. Nguyen (Secretary of the People’s Council chairman in Binh Dinh, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam) and other representatives for their prompt support. Mr. Nguyen highly evaluated Fujiwara for carrying out the project in Nhơn Hội economic zone and promised their maximum support to the project.

There are about 10 Japanese companies carrying out projects in the Binh Dinh province. The project land size is 60ha, AC 100MW, 6300 USD total investment, the first phase will finish by the first quarter of 2019.

Solar sharing system between tea plantation and electricity generation was published on Chunichi newspaper

Sharing the sunlight of tea plantation, established panels in Tenryuu-ku

Incorporated non-profit organization OIKOS (Hamamatsu-shi, Tenryu-ku, Ikeda Akira) has converted the agricultural land and established a solar power plant in the tea plantation in Yokogawa, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-shi. The idea of “solar sharing” is spreading over the country, and the use of mountainous area for this purpose may get some attention as a new solution.

According to the NGO, the panels were installed in 3 tea plantations totaling 30 a owned by Mr. Ikeda, in the beginning of the year. The height of the column is 2.3 meter. There is almost no influence of light blocking by the solar power generation panel, and on the contrary, there is the effect of defrosting. The method “Komogake”, which covers the tea plantation with sheets for deepening the taste and protect flavor, is used. In this case, the sheets are hanged through a hook on the support column, preventing the tea leaf from touching the sheet and scratching. The power generation is 150kW and the electricity started being sold from April. This income will be spent for returning the loans, making new investments and expansion. According to Mr. Ikeda, the population in the mountainous area is aging, and preserving the tea plantations is becoming difficult. However, some farmers are showing their interests to this activity. If the income increases from selling electricity, more people may be interested”.

※Chunichi newspaper⇒http://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/shizuoka/20170607/CK2017060602000285.html 2017.6.8 11:30

Our solar power construction project was published on “NNA ASIA”

Fujiwara, a company operating in the design and construction of solar power generation systems in Tokyo Minato-ku, is implementing a solar generating plant project in Bình Định, central southern area of Vietnam. The power generation of the solar plant in Nhơn Hội economic zone is 64,000kW, with the amount of 6.368 million dollar (7 billion yen) of investment. According to the Saigon times, the project was approved in the end of May. This is the first overseas project of Fujiwara and the first phase will start in 2018. The reasons Fujiwara decided to invest in Vietnam are its sunlight condition and reliable policies, says the representative. Fujiwara is considering investing more in other areas of Vietnam, because they believe the energy demand in the country will keep increasing.

Our solar power construction project was published on “Vietnam energy news”

Fujiwara Renewable Energy Project in NEZ

01/06/2017 14:18′ – views : 65

On May 30th 2017, Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee together with Binh Dinh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) organized the investment certificate over handing on The Project of Generating Electric Power Plant from Solar Power Energy and Wind Power Energy for Japanese Fujiwara Company. The attendants are Mr. Phan Cao Thang, Permanent Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, Leaders of Binh Dinh Provincial Departments, including BEZA, Construction Department, Investment and Planning, Natural Resources and Environment, Industry & Trade and EVN’s Central High Voltage Electric System Company. The Fujiwara Company Leaders and their partner are included Mr. Osamu Kimura – Chairman and General Director, Mr. Katsuhiko Suzuki – Business Manager, Mr. Seiji Kurose – Tokyo Branch Manager of Fujiwara Group and Ms. Bui Hai Yen – General Manager of Vietnam KKYE Company.

The Binh Dinh Fujiwara Project of Electric Power Plant from Solar Power Energy and Wind Power Energy is an FDI project on the west slope of Phuong Mai Mountain in NEZ with total area of 60 hectares, total investment capital of USD 63.69 million, output electric capacity of 100 MW and the executing period of 50 years since releasing The Investment Certificate.

According to the registered construction schedule, The Project will be started installing in the second quarter of 2017, the first phase will be finished at the beginning of 2019 and whole project will be finished at the beginning of 2020. The output product of The Project is electric power from renewable solar and wind power, which is being considered as special preferential investment attraction of Vietnam Government. After operating, The Project will create about 100 jobs and contribute to the national budget and local social – economic development.

Mr. Osamu Kimura, Chairman and General Director of Japanese Fujiwara highly appreciated the kind attention from Binh Dinh Provincial leaders, including The People’s Committee, BEZA, provincial departments and trades since searching investment opportunities in Binh Dinh Province. He also committed to quickly set up and put The Project under operation according to the registered plan.

Also at the ceremony, Mr. Phan Cao Thang, Permanent Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, emphasized that the attraction of above project is suitable with Binh Dinh provincial strategy of investment promotion in this period. With this second Japanese project in NEZ, Mr. Deputy Chairman highly estimated the attempt from Fujiwara Company and affirmed that Binh Dinh Province will always go together with the investor and always create the best condition for all investor with project in Binh Dinh Province.

Dang Nguyen Phuc

Yokogawa solar power plant (solar sharing) in Tenryu, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture 1 site starts operating

Yokogawa solar power plant (solar sharing) in Tenryu, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture 2 sites start operating

Okuhara solar power plant in Ushiku city, Ibaraki prefecture starts operating

Shirakomachi solar power plant in Chousei rural district, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Misakicho kuwada solar power plant in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Misakicho maerhara A,B,C solar power plants (solar sharing) in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Solar sharing in the Blueberry plantation

Fujiwara’s visit to Vietnam was published on the Binh Dinh newspaper

Japanese Fujiwara Searching Investment Opportunities in Binh Dinh Province and NEZ

In the morning of February 24th 2017, Mr. Phan Cao Thang – Permanent Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee together with representatives of the assistant agencies, consisting of Binh Dinh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) and the departments such as Foreign Affair, Investment and Planning, Natural Resources and Environment, Industry & Trade, and the related others welcomed and worked with Japanese Fujiwara Company, including Mr. Osamu Kimura – Director, Mr. Katsuhiko Suzuki – General Manager of Sales Department, Mr. Seiji Kurose – Marketing Development Section and their partners, Kkye Investment Consulting & Trading Service Company, who had come searching for investment opportunities on solar power system project in Binh Dinh Province and Nhon Hoi Economic Zone (NEZ) as well.

At the meeting, Mr. Phan Cao Thang and the others related from Binh Dinh Province were introduced about the modernest technology of solar power generating systems which has been successfully applied by Fujiwara in Japan and some other nations. The advantages of this technology is to make huge electric solar power in a narrow area. They can install solar panels on a tea plantation and do it in the later years so that this method help the farmers get double-income, one from cultivation and another by selling of electric power. This kind of technology has been increasingly expanded in Japan where there are the world’s leading earthquakes and natural disasters of typhoon occur every year. Therefore, when constructing structures, Fujiwara set up strict standards to rarely provide to the customers all over the world. However, at the meeting, Fujiwara leaders want to invest a project of solar power generating system in an area from 10 hectares to 100 hectares, locating near the substation of Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

Then the leaders of BEZA and Industry & Trade Department shared some information on existing renewable energy projects in Binh Dinh Province. At the moment, there are 08 investors on 04 locations in Phu Cat District and Phu My District. In Phuong Mai Peninsula, there is an area of about 1,000 hectares on mountain slopes with the height of  250 meters from sea level where can be carried out the project of solar power generator. And at the present, the national electric power system can be connected easily to the location in NEZ. Fujiwara leadership members were very interested in the given information and kindly request Binh Dinh Provincial Leaders to survey the locations and to give the best condition in quick investment procedure processing.

Mr. Phan Cao Thang, Permanent Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee highly appreciated the ideas on investing to Binh Dinh Province from Fujiwara Company with the Advanced Project of Solar Power Generator which  Vietnamese Government especially and preferentially prefer. In Binh Dinh Province, there are some investors from Germany, Spain, Thailand and Korea who have registered on generating renewable energy source. The Permanent Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee kindly requested Fujiwara Company to apply the above advanced technology and should think of one project that generate both wind power and solar power  in the same area. The provincial departments would go together with the investor on site survey for choosing suitable places. In case of investing agreement, Binh Dinh Province would hand over the investment certificate within one day, just like Japanese Marubeni Lumber’s Project in NEZ. Fujiwara Leaders highly appreciated the attention from Binh Dinh Provincial Leaders. Also in the afternoon of the same day, Fujiwara Company had a survey on Phuong Mai Peninsula in NEZ.


27/02/2017 14:16′

※From BinhDinh newspaper

Our project team visited Vietnam

Purpose of the visit : to visit the scheduled construction site of the solar power generation plant

Locations of the visit : Hue, Phu Yen, Nha Trang

The visit lasted for 5 days from February 20 to February 24. Vigorous opinions were exchanged among ministries and agencies, and we received promises to get full cooperation in Fujiwara’s Vietnam solar power generation construction.

◆ February 21st  <Vietnam Electricity>

  <Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs>

  <Vietnamese Ministry of Commerce and Industry>

◆ February 22nd  <Ninh Thuan>


◆ February 23rd   < Phu Yen >

◆ February 24th  < Binh Dinh >

Yamada oosawa solar power plant (solar sharing) in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Yamada shimotakagishi solar power plant (solar sharing) in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Tomitsuka solar power plant in Shirai city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

The solar power plant (solar sharing) in Makinohara city, Shizuoka prefecture starts operating

Soufuke solar power plant in Inzai city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

The solar power plant in Tsu city, Mie prefecture starts operating

Kawaharako solar power plant in Shirai city, Chiba prefecture starts operating

Kanayama solar power plant in Kashiwa city, Chiba Prefecture starts operating.